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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are My Nails OKAY?

Yesterday I was typing with nailpolosh that was drying, and now I am typing with NAIL POLISH ON!!!!
I usually NEVER put nail polish on my nails, the last time I did  was in February. I better show you what my nails look like now.
This style  is simple and easy yet looks very fun, also I mesed up a LOT and it looks awful because I have not done nails in like  four months!. For the base coat I used "Wetnwild" the type " Wild shine" the colour
Caribbean frost. Don't you just LOVE that name? ( well I do). For the stripes ( the white) I used the brand
"SallyHansen", " Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear" the colour 4830-02 White On. For the top coat that makes it shiny I used a brand that the name is all rubbed out of.

Do you like? Yes they are TERRIBLE and AWFUL. But I like not being perfect,
 There is a difference  between doing a good neat job and being perfect~ Abby .k. and many others.
If you hurry your  life not caring about what's around you, you'll never see the world's beauty,
but if you slow down and look around you, you'll find things you could never have dreamed of~ Abby .k..
Well see you tomorrow, BYE! Abby .k. xox <3


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